What Katie Did - Contrast Green Seamed Stockings (Champagne) H2035: S/M (5ft 1-7, to UK 18/US 14)


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Step into a world of unparalleled vintage charm and bold self-expression with our Contrast Green Seamed Stockings. As the original trendsetters in the realm of authentically recreated 1950s hosiery, we were the first brand to introduce seamed stockings with a vibrant contrast seam colour, breaking free from the traditional red hue before the copycats followed suit 😉. Launched in 2012 alongside our iconic Blue and Claret variants, our Green Seamed Stockings were a daring step into the unknown – and one that paid off beautifully. Like us, vintage fashion enthusiasts around the world fell in love with this playful yet sophisticated twist on a classic design, consistently making these stockings a top favourite in our colourful seams collection.