What Katie Did - Black Seamed Stockings H2044: S/M (5ft 1-7, to UK 18/US 14)


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Step into Timeless Elegance with Our Black Seamed Stockings Indulge in the charm of yesteryear with our Black Seamed Stockings, a nod to the iconic fashion of the 1950s. Whether you're seeking a period-correct look or a versatile addition to your wardrobe, these stockings effortlessly blend vintage allure with modern flair. * Day-to-Night Transition: Originally reserved for evenings, black seamed stockings now seamlessly transition from day to night, bringing a touch of sophistication to any occasion. * Mood-Boosting Glamour: Slip into the power of sex appeal with these stockings, instantly lifting your spirits and transforming even the dreariest Wednesday morning into a glamorous affair.