Three Sisters Apothecary - Bath Salt Soak Night Blooming Jasmine


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Our Night Blooming Jasmine Bath Salt Soak gently relaxes and renews the body with mineral rich Ocean and Epsom salts. This potent combination of therapeutic salts, lush coconut milk, and Essential Oils hydrates even the most delicate skin. Sweetly scented, our Night Blooming Jasmine is made with essential oil from deeply fragrant Jasmine Sambac flowers that grow in warm and sultry climates. These nocturnal flowers open in the early evening hours to emit their signature musky and floral perfume. These blooms while initially pale green in color as they first emerge transition to a brilliant white as they unfurl. Thousands of delicate flowers are harvested in the early morning hours, when the buds are closed and when the oil content is greatest. These lush blossoms contain beneficial compounds that nurture and hydrate delicate skin. Sizes: 20oz. Ingredients: Pacific Sea Salt Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Jasmine Essential Oil, Coconut Milk, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, and Vitamin E.