PapaLlama - Sending A Hug Card


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You're shuffling through the mail. You see a colorful corner peaking out from the pile of junk mail and bills. It's a letter, addressed to you from your dear friend that you haven't seen in what now feels like forever. You tear the envelope in excitement. "Sending A Hug". Yup, that's what this feels like. You open the card and see your friend's handwriting. Maybe it has some deep conversations written, or maybe it's something silly, or just a little picture. Or all of the above. Isn't that what the best friendships are like? All of the above? You read the sign off and snap back into reality. You flip it over, just in case your friend wrote something as an encore. "How to send a hug", it reads with proper instructions. You smile because even though you're so far apart, someone you love was able to wrap their arms around you and give you and your heart a hug. 5.5" x 4.25". Digital/ Offset Printing Biodegradable sleeve