Flutter Gallery - GLOW Butterfly Clip Bundle of 100


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Flutter Gallery Exclusive Butterfly Designs! Photo-Realistic & Whimsical Butterflies in Most Popular Colors - Purples, Blues, Pinks & Monarchs! True to Nature in Size & Patterns! Voted a TOP 10 NEW gift at 2020 Atlanta Winter Market! Mentioned as a Top 5 Market Find by President of Museum Store Association! The Perfect Impulse Item to Add! Fantastic Retail Potential! Clip to signs, floral arrangements, wreaths or your Christmas tree this year! Complete Butterfly Clip Bundle Includes: *100 Individual Sm/Med Butterfly Clips measuring approx 1.5inches wide to 2.5inches wide *All Butterflies are Double-Wing Design and have an AWESOME GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Effect! (Both sets of wings GLOW!) *100 Organza Bags "butterfly nets" for Packaging the Butterflies *Signs YES! You may request specific styles & colors for your assortment, but must be in groups of 10 as butterflies are packaged in sets of 10 of each style. Display Jar Not Included.