Flutter Gallery - Butterfly Magnet GLOW Bundle of 100!


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CREATE AMAZING STORE DISPLAYS & DELIGHT YOUR CLIENTS! MADE IN USA! NEW! Choose your colors! Send a note with your color choices and quantities. EX: #1= 10, #5 = 20 Butterfly MAGNET Swarm Bundle Includes: *100 Individual LG & XL (3.5 to 4-5inch wide) Butterfly Magnets = Retail each butterfly: $3.95-$4.95 *All Butterflies are Double-Wing Design and have an AWESOME GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Effect! (Both sets of wings GLOW!) *100 White Organza Bags "butterfly nets" for Packaging the Butterflies *Sign Butterflies packaged in sets of 10 of each style (5 LG & 5 XL in each pack). Butterflies arrive flat for economy shipping. Simply pinch their top wings upward to create the 3D effect! Very high sell-through! Great impulse item! Flutter Gallery Exclusive Butterfly Designs! Photo-Realistic & Whimsical Butterflies in Most Popular Colors - Purples, Blues, Monarchs! Voted a TOP 10 NEW gift at 2020 Atlanta Winter Market! Mentioned as a Top 5 Market Find by President of Museum Store Association!